2014-world-cup-logo What a match it was! There were tears, there were celebrations and there was drama. Mario Götze’s winning goal in extra time ended Germany’s 24 year wait for the World Cup title and gave her a 1-0 victory over Argentina in a nail-biting finale. But alas! Sunday’s match also means a wait of 4 years until the next match. So no more staying up late in the night, no more guzzling down cans of beer and no more cheering for your favorite team. Already missing the World Cup? We too! Well, we cannot make the FIFA World Cup happen sooner for you but we can leave you with some interesting data and visualizations as memories until 2018.

Did you know that there were 32.1 million tweets during the telecast of the final match between Germany and Argentina?

FIFA 2014 tweets during the finals

Source: @TwitterData

Conversations around Germany winning the World Cup drove 618,725 TPM

FIFA 2014 peak moments on Twitter

Source: @TwitterData

Mario Götze and Messi were the most mentioned players on Twitter in the finals.

Most mentioned players on twitter FIFA 2014

Source: @TwitterData

Want to know how Germany Vs Argentina played out on Twitter?

Check out Twitter’s cool visualization of geotagged Tweets mentioning key terms around the World Cup game.

With 35.6 million Tweets, #BRA v #GER was the most-discussed single sports game ever on Twitter. 

FIFA 2014 Brazil Vs Germany most tweeted match

Source: @TwitterData

Brazil reportedly spent $11 Billion in hosting the 2014 World Cup.

FIFA 2014 cost of hosting

Source: Wallethub

And here are some memorable moments from FIFA World Cup 2014

Most memorable moments FIFA 2014

Source: @FutballTweets

So until 2018, show the world where you’re from… ole ola!

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