June 2013

The beloved superheroes born off the comics are conquering silver screens the world over. What kick-started around 2000 with the X-men franchise snowballed with Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy. The trilogy which was practically a turning point for superhero films saw the first superhero film to pass the $100 million mark. This also set the stage… Read More »

An important feature you’d consider when comparing javascript chart libraries is the ability to export your charts in any given scenario - server-side, client-side, and every permutation and combination in between. This is one reason why our customers love FusionCharts Suite XT. It allows you to export your charts server-side, client-side, in batch mode, using… Read More »

The Line and the Area chart  look very similar. They even facilitate the same kind of analysis yet they cannot be used interchangeably. A line chart connects discrete but continuous data points by using straight line segments. It is effective in facilitating trend analysis. An area chart does the same except that the area below… Read More »

Both the Bar and the Column charts display data using rectangular bars where the length of the bar is proportional to the data value. Both are used to compare two or more values. However, their difference lies in their orientation. A Bar chart is oriented horizontally whereas the Column chart is oriented vertically. Figure … Read More »