Make me feel special!

A picture speaks a thousand words – while we are not very sure about the origin of this phrase, we definitely know about its origin at FusionCharts. It's been here right from the day we started. We decided to take it a step further when for every team member's birthday, we decided to add a… Read More »

Even though we love what we do, there are times when we need to stop thinking about the bars and and the pies. Ok, maybe not the bars. While we do the walks, the coffees, the talks and the smokes, there is something else that makes for a pretty awesome break too - quick and… Read More »

The Making Of Our About Us Page

Every individual has quirks. And a group of individuals is a collection of quirks which makes working together very interesting. It makes us who we are. One fine day, to remind ourselves of our quirks, we decided to announce it publicly on our website. And the About Us page happened. It is a page we… Read More »

We had been working pretty hard of late, or so we convinced ourselves. And to take a well-deserved break, we decided to have a day-long picnic on the outskirts of Kolkata. Last Monday, the entire team headed out to one of our team member's farmhouse 12 kms outside Kolkata. Away from the daily hustle-bustle of… Read More »

Is FusionCharts…?

23 boardroom meetings, 79 stand-up meetings, 12 fist fights and a drunken pub brawl (between our content writers) later....and we still can't have the answer to a very simple question, a question questioning our very fundamentals - Is FusionCharts singular or plural? Six years ago (yeah we turned six this October - read about our… Read More »

Today we turn six. It was October 23rd, 2002 when FusionCharts was first released to the public. And here we are now, six years older and wiser, telling you the story of how we grew up. When we were starting off, people did not take Flash seriously. It was considered a tool used to make… Read More »