Install FusionExport CLI

The FusionExport Command Line Interface (CLI) is a tool for directly communicating with the FusionExport Server from the command line/shell of various operating systems. While this tool enhances interactivity, it is primarily suitable for ad-hoc work. We suggest using the FusionExport Server SDKs for automating chart exports.


To enable the FusionExport CLI, please ensure that the following components are installed:

  • Node.js (version >= 8.0.0)

  • NPM (version >= 5.0.0)

Download the components from here.

Install FusionExport CLI

  1. Depending on the operating system, open either terminal (for Mac/Linux) or command prompt (Windows).

  2. Run the following command to install the FusionExport CLI:

$ npm i -g fusionexport-cli

We recommend global installation to facilitate using the tool from any directory on your system.

  1. Verify whether FusionExport CLI has been properly installed or not:
$ fusionexport --help

Before using FusionExport CLI, ensure that FusionExport Server is running.

Next Steps

You can start exploring the tutorials on how to export charts: