Use custom version of FusionCharts in FusionExport

By default, whenever you download FusionExport it uses the latest version of FusionCharts. However, you might be using an older version of FusionCharts, for example - 3.11. FusionExport allows you to override the default FusionCharts version with the version you are using.

Before you start with the code implementations, check out the following video which contains the step by step process.

Now let's follow the steps to override the default version.


Before you start, ensure that you have:

  1. Downloaded and installed FusionExport Server, and the server is running

  2. Downloaded and installed the FusionExport SDK client

  3. Export a Dashboard

Override the default version

To override the FusionCharts version, your version should have:

  • fusioncharts.js and all the other files like fusioncharts.widgets.js, fusioncharts.timeseries.js, fusioncharts.charts.js, etc.
  • Map files
  • And themes in their respective directory.

Now, follow the steps to override the default package version of FusionCharts:

  • Copy all the files in the js folder of your licensed distribution.
  • Place all the files present inside the js folder in a folder named fusioncharts beside your fusionexport file.
  • Pass your custom FusionCharts directory to the -L options of FusionExport.

To run FusionExport with your version of FusionCharts run:

./fusionexport -L path/to/fusioncharts/

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