Install FusionExport for Windows Service

In this article, we elaborate on how to install FusionExport binary on your Windows Machine.

There are two different packages for Windows.

  1. Normal FusionExport Service - This is like any other FusionExport distribution for different OS, where you just need to execute or fusionexport.bat.
  2. FusionExport Windows Service - This is what we will be doing in this installation guide.

Follow the steps below for the installation process:

  • Download the FusionExport Service 64 bit for Windows.

Download FusionExport Server

  • The setup file will be downloaded to the local. Now, run the exe file. The setup wizard will now appear on the screen. Click Next.

Click Next for Windows Service

  • Now, select the setup type to Custom and click Next.

In this case, we allow the option to set up IP and Port Name. If you want to keep the default IP and Port which is, then you should choose Typical.

Cusom Click Next for Windows Service 1

  • Configure the IP address and Port number before setting up FusionExport server.

Configure IP address for Windows Service

  • Click on Install to begin installing FusionExport Windows Service.

Cusom Click Next for Windows Service 2

  • Once the wizard is running, FusionExport and all the dependencies get installed.

Install dependencies for Windows Service

  • Once the installation is complete, click on Finish. FusionExport will run successfully on the localhost server.

Install Windows Service

Please download our SDKs to export your charts and dashboards from here.