List of Events

Events are signals that let you execute specific actions—such as manipulating the DOM, sending data to the server, and so on—using JavaScript, in response to any interactions/updates for your grid. The FusionGrid API offers a wide range of events that you can use to trigger actions for different stages in the life cycle of your grid or when you interact with a grid.

All the concerned events are listed down below categorized with respect to their action type, component and lifecycle state.

LifeCycle Events

Event Name Description
beforeRender Grid is configured properly and starting to render.
Data parameter: type: ‘beforeRender’
dispose Grid is disposed.
Data parameter:
type: ‘disposed’
initialized Grid initialized by calling the grid constructor but the grid is not yet rendered.
Data parameter:
type: ‘initialized’
rendered Grid rendered.
Data parameter:
type: ‘rendered’
resized Grid is resized as it’s parent container is resized.
Data parameter:
type: ‘resized’
width: width of the grid
height: height of the grid
updated Grid configuration or data is updated.
Data parameter:
type: ‘update’
config: Updated grid configuration.

Action Events

Some action events happen upon interacting with data in the form of clicking, selecting or hovering, let's see the events for each action.

Clicking Events

This are the clicking events:

Event Name Description
rowClicked A row is clicked.
rowDoubleClicked Double clicked performed on a row.
headerClicked Triggers when a header is clicked.

Hovering Events

This are the hovering events:

Event Name Description
rowHovered A row is hovered.
columnHovered A column is hovered.

Selection Events

This are the selection events:

Event Name Description
rowSelected A row is selected.
rowDeselected A row is deselected.
allRowsSelected All rows are selected.
allRowsDeselected All rows are deselected.

Component Events

Here we list the different types of component events.

Card Layout Events

Event Name Description
cardClicked When a card is clicked.
cardDoubleClicked Triggers when a double click occurs on a card.
cardLongPressed Triggers when a card is long pressed.

Column Menu Events

Event Name Description
columnMenuClicked Column menu is clicked.
columnMenuOpen Column menu open is triggered by clicking on the menu.
columnMenuClosed Column menu is closed either by clicking on the menu icon or using any button inside the menu.

Filter Events

Event Name Description
filterApplied A filter is applied.
filterModified Some filter is changed but apply button is not yet clicked.

Layout Events

Event Name Description
layoutChanged Triggers when any change occurs in layout - from row to card or vice versa, layout density change, layout fit logic change.
layoutTypeChanged Triggers when layout type is changed from row to card or vice versa.
Event Argument Description
layout Applied layout object.
layoutType Current layout type.
prevLayoutType Previous layout type.
viewport Applied viewport object.

Pagination Events

Event Name Description
pageChanged Triggers when user navigate to a new page using pagination panel or API.
pageSizeChanged Page size is changed through pagination panel or API.

Scroll Events

Event Name Description
scroll Triggers when scrolling occurs in grid either horizontally or vertically.
Event Argument Description
direction ‘horizontal’/’vertical’.
left left px of the scroll.
top top px of the scroll.

Sort Events

Event Name Description
sortChanged A sort has applied or existing sort changed.

United Common Events for Row and Card

Event Name Description
recordClicked When a card or row is clicked.
recordDoubleClicked Triggers when a double click occurs on card or record.