What's New

This section is to talk about the new features introduced in the lates version. Filter data by specific values, or with conditional

Column Filter

This feature allows you to apply filters on specific columns for a better data analysis. Enable the conditional filter to use conditions and logical operations such as; equals, between, greater than , etc. to filter data. To learn more about column filters visit our tutorial pages.

Here is an example of a conditional column filter:

And here is an example of a value column filter:

Column Grouping

For a better data analysis, FusionGrids allows you to have multiple levels of columns in your header and the ability, if you want, to 'open and close' column groups to show and hide additional columns. Column Grouping can also be used to perform data operations directly on the group if required. To learn more about column grouping, visit our tutorial pages.

Export Data

If you ever need to export your grids, with FusionGrid you can download your grids to 'CSV', 'JSON', or 'XLS' formats. Either export the entirity of the grid, or select to export with the 'view' property to only get the data present on the current grid view. Also, you can choose the 'skipColumnHeader' or 'skipColumnHeaderGroups' properties when exporting your grid. To learn more about exporting your grid, visit our tutorial pages.

Integration components

FusionGrid version 1.1.1 allows you to render your grids across different libraries and frameworks such as; Angular, React, and Vue.

Column Search Filter

To help users find information quicker, FusionGris allows users to search the rows of data using a grid instance for better data analysis. Users can search by single or multiple Columns, search by words or even by partial words by using the '*' key to help with larger searches. To learn more about column search filters for your grid, visit our tutorial pages.

Here is an example for a default column search:

You can also search in multiple columns.

Real-time Data Update

Adding or updating rows and columns now updates the grid in real-time. Choose whether to update the root and child tables renderd on the grid, or only updating data for the grid. To learn more about updating your grid's data in real-time, visit our tutorial pages.

Row Animation

In order to enhance user expirience FusionGrid allows users to add transition animation for when any data operation interaction is done. Improve you data by enabling the transition animations and control the duration of the animation withe the new properties 'animateRows' and 'animateRowsDuration'. To learn more about row animation, visit our tutorial pages.

Row Selection

Allows you to select a single or multiple rows in the grid. By default the single select is enabled, to enable the multi select change the 'rowSelection' value to "multiple". To learn more about row selection options, visit our tutorial pages.

Single Row Selection

Multiple Row Selection

Row Sorting

FusionGrid version 1.1.1 allows users to sort the information on any column by ascending or descening order. Enable this feature and on your grid simply click on the column header to sort the column in ascending order, click on it again to change the sorting to descending order. To learn more about row sorting options, visit our tutorial pages.

Watermak and License Validation System

Render your grids without watermarks by getting and setting up the license key. For more information see, License Activation page.