FusionGrid Release Notes

Version 1.1.1

April 28th, 2022

New Features

  • Integration Components: FusionGrid version 1.1.1 supports the lastes version of the React, Angular, and Vue integration components. Use these components with all its porperties and configuration options.
  • Column Filter Support: FusionGrid version 1.1.1 allows users to apply column filters in order to analyze relevant data in specific columns. Apply column, conditional or value filters to find relevant data easier.
  • Data Export Support: FusionGrid version 1.1.1 allows users to easily export all the grid data to the format of their preference; CSV, JSON, or XLS. Export using the full mode to export all data or use the export view mode to only export data present in the current grid instance.
  • Support for Column Grouping: FusionGrid introduces the Column Grouping technique that allows users to group the information of relevant columns to provide better data context. Users can create a multi-column group by assigning a group name for the children columns.
  • Row Animation Support: To enhance user experience, FusionGrid version 1.0 introduces Row transition animations that occur upon any data operations interaction.
  • Support for License Key management: Starting version 1.1.1, licenses will be activated using a newly introduced license validation system.
  • Support for Real-time Data Update - Starting version 1.1.1, the application and grid update in real-time everytime data upates occur.
  • Support for Sorting Rows - FusionGrid version 1.1.1 allows users to sort the most relevant information on any column in order to find data quicker.
  • Support for Search Filter - FusionGrid version 1.1.1 allows users to search the information on any of the relevant columns so that they can filter the data quicker.
  • Row Selection Support - FusionGrid version 1.1.1 allows users to select rows in the grid allowing users to perform secondary actions using Gird events.

For more information on the features, see the What's New page.