Reference Line

A Reference Line is essentially an arbitrary fixed line (mapped to the Y-axis), which indicates a specific value. It can help you quickly compare any data value against a fixed value represented by a line. For multivariate charts, each chart canvas can have it's own reference line.

Reference Line

The salient features of the reference line:

  • A label which is by default displayed on the right side of the refernce the line, when you hover on the knob.

  • A value which is by default displayed on the left side (y-axis) whenyou hover on the reference line.

A chart with a reference line is shown below:

FusionTime will load here..

In the example given above, a reference line appears, parallel to the time axis. Hover on the knob of the reference line to see the label and the value.

Configure the Reference Line

You can configure the reference line using the following attributes of the referenceLine object:

  • Use the label attribute to set the text of the label.

  • Use the value attribute to set the value at which the reference line should appear.

Refer to the code given below:

    type: 'timeseries',
    dataSource: {
        data: dataStore,
            // Reference Line
            "referenceLine": [{
                "label": "Daily Target",
                "value": 300
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