Reference Zone

Reference zones are similar to reference lines, except that it marks out an entire zone rather than just a line. Reference zones help you identify data plots that fall under the zone. In FusionTime, a reference zone has two fixed values filled by a color. You can use n number of reference zones in a canvas.

Refer to the image below:

Reference Line

The salient features of a reference zone are:

  • You can specify a minimum value and a maximum value to draw a reference zone.

  • You can create one or more reference zones on canvas for each y-axis (in case the chart has multiple y-axes).

  • You can customize the color and other cosmetic properties to each reference zone.

  • When you hover over the reference zone, the data plots falling in the zone get highlighted.

A chart with a reference zone looks like as shown below:

Loading data for chart…

In the above chart, a reference zone appears parallel to the time axis. Hover on the zone to see the label and the value.

Add a Reference Zone

You can add a reference zone using the following attributes of the referenceZone object inside the YAxis object:

  • Use the valueMax attribute to set the value up to which you want to create the reference zone.

  • Use the valueMin attribute to set the value from where you want to create the reference zone.

  • Use the label attribute to set the text of the label.

Refer to the code given below:

    type: "timeseries",
    dataSource: {
        yAxis: [{
            // Reference Zone
            "referenceZone": [{
                "label": "Target",
                "valueMax": 3000,
                "valueMin": 2000

Reference Zone in Dual Y-axis Chart

For a time-series chart with dual y-axis, you can add reference zones for each y-axis on the canvas. A chart with multiple reference zones for dual y-axis is shown below:

Loading data for chart…