Change output time format

In a time series chart, time is primarily displayed on the time axis and tooltip of a data plot. With v1.2.0, developers will be able to control the display of output time using standard date-time formats for the specific time unit.

FusionTime supports the following time units:

  • Year
  • Month
  • Day
  • Hour
  • Minute
  • Second
  • Millisecond

You can customize the output time format for each time unit by specifying date-time tokens for respective time format.

Refer to the example given below:

Loading data for chart…

In the above example, we have tried to specify the output time format on the time axis. Refer to the code below:

"xAxis": {
    outputTimeFormat: {
        //year: "",
        month: "%b'%y (%q)",
        day: "%d/%m (%a)",
        //hour: "",
        //minute: "",
        //second: "",
        //millisecond: ""

In the above code:

  • Define the xAxis object.
  • Create the outputTimeFormat object.
  • Set the custom output time format for month and day as %b'%y (%q) and %d/%m (%a) respectively.

If yo do not set the data-time tokens for any time unit, the default formatting for the particular time unit will apply.

The date-time tokens for respective time formats is given below:

Time Unit Tokens Example
Year %Y 2018
Month %b Jan
Day %d 04
Hour %-I %p 11 PM
Minute %-M m 26 m
Second %-S s 30 s
Millisecond %-L ms 75 ms

To specify the date-time format in the tooltip, you will have to specify the date-time format for a specific time unit in the outputTimeFormat object in tooltip.