The legend is a chart element that you can use to display the name and color of a data series. It also allows you to interact with different data series when your chart data has more than one data series. This helps you relate a data plot to its series name using its color.

In the image given below, you can see the legend in a chart labeled:


Customize a Legend

You can customize a legend by assigning custom values to different properties of the Legend object in an object:

Show/Hide Legend

To hide the legend, set the value of the Show properties to false. Refer to the code given below:

visualizationObj.Legend.Show = false;

Set Legend Title

Set the title of the legend as string using the Text properties. Refer to the code given below:

visualizationObj.Legend.Caption = "column chart Legend section";

Set Legend Position

Set the position of the legend as BOTTOM or RIGHT using the Position properties. Refer to the code given below:

visualizationObj.Legend.Position = LegendObject.LegendPosition.Bottom;|

Customize Font Properties

Customize the font properties of the legend title using the following:

  • Set the font size as an integer using the FontSize properties.
  • Set the font type as string using the FontName properties.
  • Set the font color as hex code using the FontColor properties.
  • Display the title as bold by setting the Bold properties to true.

Refer to the code given below:

visualizationObj.Legend.FontSize = 16;
visualizationObj.Legend.FontName = "Arial";
visualizationObj.Legend.FontColor = "#000000";
visualizationObj.Legend.Bold = true;

The detailed chart with all the above customizations is shown below:

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