DataModel has a store for the data source. A data source may have different types of date format and Culture instead of .NET default format. While reading the data from data sources, DataEngine tries to parse the data in a common manner.

Starting v1.0.7, FusionCharts.NET introduces a new property named Culture which helps to set the following:

  • Culture

  • Date Format

  • Any type of Culture and Calendar Settings

  • Historical Data

  • Future Data


  • Culture: type CultureInfo (System.Globalization.CultureInfo)

  • Default: InvariantCulture

Set Culture to en-US

The code to set the culture in en-US is:

model.Culture = new CultureInfo("en-us");

If data source contains year in yy format, and you set the value to 19, what will the data return as year value? Will it be 1919 or 2019?

To resolve this confusion, set the maximum value of the year under which you want the data to read the date.

Refer to the code below:

model.Culture.Calendar.TwoDigitYearMax = 2010;

Setting the value of the TwoDigitYearMax to 2010 will resolve the above confusion and setting the yy value to 19 takes 1919 as the year.

TwoDigitYearMax property takes the nearest year under the mentioned limit.