Data Source

DataModel has a store for data source. In FusionCharts DataEngine the supported data source class is StaticSource. You can create an instance of StaticSource and it to the data source store of a DataModel instance. StaticSource accepts data from the DataTable.

Data Source either accepts raw data or keeps the configuration of the data.

What is DataModel?

DataModel is a class of FusionCharts DataEngine which has a data source store, methods to perform operation on data, a DataTable for output data and if it is derived from another DataModel, a reference of that DataModel.

The DataModel contains the folliowing:

  • Data on which operations can be performed.
  • Number of operators to transform the data.
  • Operations can only be performed on the Data of DataModel and each operation generates a new DataModel instead of modifying the same one.

To get the detailed list of the Data Engine APIs click here.