Data Markers

You can use a Data Marker in a chart to indicate an important event, which occurred on a specific data point. You can hover the mouse pointer over a data marker or tap on it to show additional description of the event in the tooltip.

A data marker looks as shown in the image below:

Data Markers

Create a Data Marker

To create a data marker, use the AddMarker() instance of DataMarkerObject to create a data marker. AddMarker() accepts a string type parameter. Use this parameter to mention the name of the data series that will display the marker.

Configure Data Marker

Once you create a data marker, use the following instance methods of AddMarker() to configure the data marker:

  • Use the Identifier() method, which accepts a character parameter, to set the character you want to display within the marker.

  • Use the Time() method, which accepts a string parameter, to set the time of the data point where you want to display the marker.

  • Use the Tooltext() method, which accepts a string parameter, to set the tooltext of the data marker.

  • Use the Type() method, which accepts a TimeSeries.DataMarker.MarkerType enum with a value of FLAG or PIN, to indicate how you want to display the data marker on the plot.

  • Use the TimeFormat() method, which accepts a string parameter, to set the time format for the data marker.

Refer to the code below:

/* AddMarker returns an instance of DataMarkerObject */
/* Identifier(), Time(),ToolText(),Type(),TimeFormat() are instance method of AddMarker and can be invoked as : */
timeSeries.DataMarker.AddMarker("series name").Identifier('.').Time("Oct-1987").ToolText("The FED is forced to ease rate after the stock market crash").Type(TimeSeries.DataMarker.MarkerType.FLAG).TimeFormat("%b-%Y");

The chart will look as shown below:

Loading data for chart…