What's New

This section is for users using the previous version of FusionCharts in their application. Here, we'll talk about the new features introduced in v3.23.x.

Draggable task bars in Gantt Chart

FusionCharts release 3.23.0 implemented the new function to enhance interactivity and streamline project scheduling with draggable taskbars in the FusionCharts Gantt chart.

The newly implemented feature includes dragMove and dragStart methods, allowing users to drag individual tasks and their parent tasks which adjusts the children's task accordingly across the x-axis ticks.

The onUpdate event in the Gantt chart triggers whenever a drag operation occurs, providing the updated state.

The draggable attribute should be used to enable this feature.

    dataplotdragmove:(event, data) => {

Introducing markerLabelOffset attribute: Enhancing AngularGauge Precision and Clarity

The newly implemented offset property attribute markerLabelOffset, allows users to manually set the position on AngularGauge trend points labels aiming to address the problem of overlap that occurs with small differences in values.

Enhanced Clarity: Introducing showValues attribute for StackedBar2DCharts

The recently adopted showValues attribute for StackedBar2DCharts, enables users to auto-hide or show the chart if the text overflows the bar subsection.