Version 3.23.x

Version 3.23.0

26th March, 2024

New Features

  • FusionCharts enhanced interactivity with draggable taskbars in the FusionCharts Gantt chart. Users can use allowDrag attribute to enable the draggable feature and dataplotdragmove event to track the previous and new positional values of the taskbar.
  • An attribute called markerLabelOffset was introduced. This attribute allows one to control the position of the marker labels on AngularGauge trend points, aiming to address the problem of overlap that occurs with small differences in values.
  • Added an attribute showValues to the StackedBar2DCharts which enables users to auto-hide or show the chart if the text overflows the bar subsection.


  • FusionCharts version 3.23.0 updated the Watermark text for Licence Expired Customers. We've redefined this feature to effectively restrict the in-compliant use of our product, ensuring better control over licensing compliance.
  • FusionCharts version 3.23.0 restructured the angular-fusion grid dependency package to support the latest Angular versions from version 14 to the most recent version 17.
  • FusionCharts version 3.23.0 improved the behavior of the Gantt chart to adapt to any screen size with new responsive functionality effortlessly.
  • FusionCharts version 3.23.0 added a method to prevent unnecessary HTML in ASP.NET to prevent DataStream URL implementation errors.
  • FusionCharts version 3.23.0, upgraded to support working with react-native version 0.73.3.
  • FusionCharts version 3.23.0, improved the rendering of the Indonesia region in maps.
  • FusionCharts version 3.23.0, updated Source Data examples on FusionCharts website to display examples with the latest data.


  • Fixed the issue with Inline styling not getting applied when labels/displayValue have HTML elements and
    tag in them.
  • Resolved the issue where the link attribute was not working in the Zoom Scatter chart.
  • Addressed an issue where the entire chart container was re-rendered when invoking setJSONdata method.
  • Fixed an issue where the scrollTo method was resetting the scrollbar position when using setJSONData or setChartData.
  • The rendering issues of Japan's 16 provinces were resolved. These provinces include Yamagata, Tochigi, Saitama, Tokyo, Toyama, Yamanashi, Shizuoka, Shiga, Wakayama, Tottori, Shimane, Okayama, Yamaguchi, Tokushima, Saga, and Okinawa.
  • Fixed the issue where certain values skewed the Radial bar.
  • Starting FusionCharts 3.23.0, charts are now rendering correctly when using the jsonurl data format.
  • Resolved the issue where Microsoft Narrator could not read the chart plot details when using the accessibility extension in a certain configuration of Windows 10 and Chrome.
  • Two additional provinces were incorporated into Costa Rica maps: Monteverde and Puerto Jimenez.
  • Resolved the issue where exporting PDF reports resulted in incomplete information when using the Drag Node chart with a specific dataset.
  • Resolved an issue where the Dashboard section on the website was not integrated with Eloqua and the DataStories section was integrated with Eloquoa but the zip was not downloadable.