Version 3.15.x

Version 3.15.3

14th September, 2020


  • Starting version 3.15.3, licenses will be activated using a newly introduced license validation system. For more information, please refer to this guide.

Version 3.15.2

14th July, 2020

New Features

  • Starting version 3.15.2, FusionCharts expanded the coverage of existing dataPlot events to the nodes and links of the Chord diagram. Events such as Click and Hover as well as support for link attributes were added to nodes, ribbons and labels for Chord diagrams.


  • For cartesian axis charts yAxisValueDecimal now works properly when setAdaptiveYMin and forceYAxisValueDecimals are enabled.

  • Decimal and thousand separator attributes now work properly on Marimekko chart.

  • For all 2D and 3D Column and Bar chart variants, the fontSize and labelFontSize attributes now work properly when set to a string and numeric value. Earlier a JS error was thrown when numeric value was set.

  • The task labels are now displayed properly in Gantt charts and are available on further horizontal scrolling. Previously, the task label overlapped with the vertical scroll bar.

  • The spacing between legend items is improved now for IE 11. Previously, the spacing was a little peculiar as white-space was being considered as a line break and <br> tags were considered twice.

  • The event handlers chartRollOver and chartRollOutare now working properly when multiple charts are present on a web page. Earlier, when multiple charts were present on a web page with 'chartRollOverandchartRollOut` events, handled by a common handler function, charts stopped invoking the events and threw a JS error upon multiple instances of hover.

  • When using Stacked charts, the macros $sum and $unformattedSum are now working properly for customized tooltips. Previously, the $sum and $unformattedSum macros were returning an incorrect value for zero-valued data plot.

  • The '%' symbol is now displayed properly in situations where the trendline value coincides with yAxis div line value for 100percent Stacked charts. Earlier the '%' symbol was not visible in such situations.


  • When exporting Spark charts as a CSV file or CSV data using getCSVData() or getChartData('csv') methods, the exported csv now displays column headers. Previously, the column headers were not included.

  • Plot events and tooltips work properly with CSS 2D transformations like rotate, skew, skewX, skewY, matrix, or any combination of them.

  • Crossline tooltips for zoomLine and zoomLineDY charts now display sorted values in decreasing order.

  • Using the isRaw boolean property getJSONData() and getChartData() now return property names in the same format as defined in the dataSource.

  • Legend spacing is optimized to have better data ink ratio for legends in charts to avoid unexpected space between legend items.

Version 3.15.1-sr.1

17th March, 2020


  • Change in license agreements.

Version 3.15.1

26th February, 2020

New Features

  • FusionCharts now supports the open source Ionic framework, which lets you develop mobile user interfaces with a native look and feel. You can now add interactive charts to any Ionic Framework project using the bindings available for different platforms (React and Angular) supported by FusionCharts.

  • The scrollbar has been decoupled from the xAxis and can now be placed away from it.

  • Legends can now be positioned anywhere within the chart canvas - left, right, top, bottom, etc. Legends can also be positioned with absolute coordinates (x, y).


  • The textOutline attribute can now be applied to data labels across Sunburst, Sankey, and Chord diagrams, to improve visibility.

  • The number of rows in a legend can now be defined. Earlier, only the number of columns could be defined.

  • New macros have been added to Error Bar 2D, Error Line, and Error Scatter charts. Click here to get the list of newly added macros.

  • When the Candlestick, Treemap, Gantt, and Select Scatter charts are exported in CSV or XLSX format, the exported files now display the chart data correctly.

  • When a Bubble chart is exported in XLSX format, the exported file now includes a column with the plot labels, to help you comprehend the data better. Earlier, this column was not included in the XLSX file.

  • Multi-level Pie Charts exported in XLSX formats now include data values along with categories. Earlier, only the categories were presented in the exported file.

  • Passing JS methods inside label attribute no longer throw alert boxes along with error messages on the browser console. Earlier, on changing '%26lt;' to '<' and '%26gt;' to '>' was displaying an error message and throwing multiple alert boxes. It helps in reducing vulnerability attacks.

  • In this version, 11 core map files have been updated. Click here to get the list of updated maps.


  • X-axis labels are now displayed properly when they are rotated, base font size is set, and the legend is displayed to the right. Earlier, in similar situations, chart canvases with a width greater than 650 pixels would show partially truncated labels for specific base font sizes.

  • The dataLabelRollOver event was also getting triggered when the cursor was hovered over y-axis values. Previously it used to happen for both xAxis and yAxis labels.

  • The attributes labelXPadding and labelYPadding are now working properly in the Heat Map chart. They were not working earlier.

  • Hand cursor is now displayed properly when the link attribute is used in a chart and the cursor is hovered over data plots and data values. Earlier, the hand cursor was not displayed when the cursor was hovered over the data values.

  • When using batchExport, if the chart height or width is set to 100% and the chart is exported as an image, then the image is properly visible. Earlier, the image was not visible in such situations.

  • The widthPercent attribute is now working properly in Marimekko charts. Earlier, in category objects, the attribute was not working, and all the categories were being assigned equal widths.

  • In Scatter charts, when the drawQuadrant attribute is used and the legend is used to turn off all the series and then turn them back on, the quadrants are now being redrawn correctly. Earlier, the quadrants were not being redrawn.

  • In a Chord diagram, when a long label is provided with label position set as tangential, then chordRadius is maintained. Earlier, in similar situations, the value assigned to chordRadius would be ignored and the radius would be set to the default value.

  • When you render a Chord chart with long label texts without setting caption and subcaption, the label texts now correctly show ellipses. Earlier, in similar situations, ellipses were not being displayed.

  • In a Chord diagram, node labels are now displayed properly in Internet Explorer 11. Earlier, the nodeLabelPosition attribute was not working properly in IE11. When the value of nodeLabelPosition was set to outside, the label would overflow into the node and when it was set to inside, the padding of the label would disappear. The issue has now been fixed.

  • When the nodeToggling attribute is used in a Chord diagram and the legend is used to turn off nodes and turn them back on, the nodes are displayed properly. Earlier, the nodes were not displayed when they were turned back on using the legend.

  • getJSONData() and getXMLData() APIs no longer return unnecessary nested objects with extra attributes, such as isRootNode.

  • In chart events, "pixelHeight" and "pixelWidth" attributes now correctly display the values of the chart height and the chart width respectively. Earlier, these attributes were getting their values swapped.

  • When the beforeDraw and drawCancelled events are used together, they are only being triggered once, as intended. Earlier, they were being triggered twice when the chart was rendered.

  • The zero plane is no longer visible over the plots in Multi-series Combination Dual Y-axis 3D chart. Earlier, it was overlapping the data plots.

  • tooltipBorderRadius attribute is now working properly in Heat Map charts in all browsers. Earlier, the attribute was not working on any chart. However, please note that this attribute does not work in Internet Explorer 8, as the browser does not support rounded edges of tooltip borders set using CSS.

  • In Bubble charts, vertical lines with thickness greater than 2 are now rendered within the chart canvas. Earlier, these lines would overlap out of the chart canvas.

  • In realtime charts, clicking on the Stop Update menu item no longer makes the menu unclickable on Internet Explorer.

  • Previously, on chart update the sum values of the stacked chart could not be removed. The issue has now been fixed.

  • In the pyramid and funnel charts, updating the theme now works perfectly. Earlier, doing so would throw a JS error.

  • In Multi-series 3D charts, when the value of the attribute use3DLighting is set to 0 and the value of alpha is set to 0 at data level, the plots are now rendered correctly. Earlier, in such situations, the plots would not be visible.

  • Setting the value of the cylScale attribute to 0 in a Cylinder gauge, the browser console no longer displays JS errors.

  • The position of data values are no longer changed when anchor size is changed in StackedArea2D & RealTimeStackedArea charts. Earlier, the values would disappear when anchor size was increased.

  • Export menus in charts can now be selected in IE8. Earlier, the menu items were unclickable on the browser.

Version 3.15.0-sr.1

6th December, 2019


  • The APIs getJSONData() and getXMLData() now work properly in Sunburst charts. Previously, these were erroneously returning nested objects, such as subcategories along with categories.

Version 3.15.0

5th December, 2019

New Features

  • FusionCharts Version 3.15.0 introduces 3 new chart types - the Sankey Diagram, the Sunburst Chart, and the Chord Diagram. All of these charts belong to PowerCharts XT.

    • The Sankey Diagram is a type of flow diagram, which depicts the flow of resources from one point to another.

    • The Chord Diagram is a graphical method of displaying flows or connections among relatable entities.

    • The Sunburst Chart helps in visualizing relationships within hierarchical data. It displays hierarchy through a series of concentric rings, each of which corresponds to a different level within the hierarchy.

  • Starting v3.15.0, scrolling can be enabled in the box and whisker chart. You can use numVisiblePlot attribute to control the number of plot points visible on the chart canvas.

  • The min, q1, median, q3, max, mean, median, md, sd, and outlier of the box and whisker chart can now be directly mentioned within the data object. So from now on, box and whisker chart can be used in two ways:

    • Provide values and expect the chart to determine the summarised values.

    • Provide summarised values to a box and whisker plot.


  • In Treemap, the attribute navigationBarHeight can now be used to control the height of the navigation bar of the chart after drill down.

  • The following improvements have been made to the Box and Whisker chart:

    • Data values (mean, MD, SD, QD, and outlier) can now be displayed along with icons using the following attributes:

      • showMeanValue

      • showMDValue

      • showSDValue

      • showQDValue

      • showOutlierValue

    When any of the above attributes are explicitly enabled, the chart will always display the corresponding value, even if the attributes showValue or showValues is disabled or enabled.

    • Position of the values (mean, MD, SD, QD, and outlier) can now be displayed either above or below the data plot using the following attributes:

      • meanValuePosition

      • MDValuePosition

      • SDValuePosition

      • QDValuePosition

      • outlierValuePosition

    • Custom border colors can now be assigned to the icons (for mean, MD, SD, QD, and outlier) using the following attributes:

      • meanIconBorderColor

      • MDIconBorderColor

      • SDIconBorderColor

      • QDIconBorderColor

      • outlierIconBorderColor

      Previously, only the default black border was visible for the above icons.

  • In Radar Charts, long labels and the chart border were displaced when the radarRadius was explicitly mentioned and the chart was resized. This version onwards, the chart has been optimized for resizing, to ensure such issues no longer occur.

  • In this version, 31 core map files have been updated. Click here to get the list of updated maps.


  • In a box and whisker chart, when hovered over an icon (for mean, MD, SD, QD, or outlier) where meanIconShape, MDIconShape, SDIconShape, QDIconShape, or outlierIconShape is set to spoke, the spokes now get highlighted properly.

  • In Doughnut chart, the $label macro is now working properly for the centerLabel attribute.

  • Pie and Doughnut charts now use canvas space more effectively.

  • In Pie and Doughnut charts, the tooltipBorderRadius attribute now works properly.

  • In a Gantt chart, when the width was set in percentage and the scrollToDate attribute was used, resizing the browser changed the start date in the chart. The issue has been fixed.

  • The data object attribute, when set to visible for the events legendItemRollover and legendItemRollout, was showing incorrect value. The issue has been fixed.