Version 3.16.x

Version 3.16.0

15th December, 2020

New Features

  • Starting version 3.16.0 FusionCharts introduces support for inline HTML tags across all chart text elements. For more information visit Changed Behavior.
  • Starting version 3.16.0 FusionCharts introduces relative font size support for text elements. The following font sizes are now supported: rem, %, em, and vw.
  • You can now set and configure patterns to fill data plots, the following pattern types are available: circle, square, and line. For more details refer to pattern fill.


  • Starting version 3.16.0, FusionCharts expanded the coverage of existing ability to customize tooltips to the Chord and Sankey diagrams for both node as well as link components.
  • Legend item components have been improved with FusionCharts 3.16.0 and now they sync with with the opacity of data plot and data series configured. Both anchor border color and anchor background color inherit values from the palette now.
  • When exporting SparkWinLoss charts to CSV or Excel format, the output file now displays the values for the win, loss and draw columns correctly. Previously, when exporting a SparkWinLoss chart to CVS or Excel, the output was inconsistent.
  • In 3.16.0 when the secondary value is 0, Treemap charts render all data plots with the specified color. Previously, if the secondary value was 0, the data plot was not colored accordingly and appeared as white.
  • The following properties now return unique and valid values; id, index, dataIndex, and dataSeriesIndex. With the improved id attribute users can now define their custom string value for this property. By default in single-series charts id use label as the value while for multi-series charts its label - datasetIndex value. Previously, when the id was set for the data plot the value returned for it was either undefined or empty.
  • The Multi-series Column chart now displays all 0 or small value column bars correctly. Previously while plotting data in extremely high ranges (0 to a million), all the 0 value columns were displayed as a 1px column bar while all small values greater than 0 were not visible.


  • The dataplotClick event now triggers correctly from labels in Chord diagram. Previously, if using the IE11 browser upon clicking the data plot label event did not trigger.
  • In 3.16.0 when setJSONData is called simultaneously for spline charts, it no longer displays a JS error. Previously, when updating the Spline Area chart using setJSONData API method a JS exception error message was thrown.
  • For the Funnel and Pyramid charts, the chart canvas is now center-aligned correctly with the chart container and caption. Previously these charts were not center-aligned.
  • Tooltips now display the correct value when hovering over data in StackedColumn 2D charts. Previously, the tooltip displayed an incorrect value.