Changed Behavior

This section is for users using a previous version of FusionCharts in their application. Here we'll talk about the change in behavior of the charts after v3.19.x.

Updated Map of India

FusionCharts 3.19 updated the map of India to showcase Ladakh as a separate region. The Entity of Ladakh is now shown as a distinct region from Jammu and Kashmir. For more details, see Ladakh map.

Map of India before
Here, Ladakh is part of the Jammu and Kashmir territory.

Here, Ladakh is shown as a separate region from Jammu and Kashmir.

Fixed tendency to render all data plots properly

FusionCharts 3.19 updated the value for mintendency in order to fix the tendency issue, causing the chart not to plot all datasets correctly when some datasets contained zero as values. Now, charts display all dataset plots despite the amount and values of the datasets.

Since datasets contain values equal to zero, the data plots fail to render.

Data plots render correctly.

Improved Legend container

FusionCharts version 3.19 improves the chart readability by allowing users to define the width of the Legend container. In addition, this option allows users to display the legend container without any scrollbars, therefore displaying all the information.

Legend container requires a scrollbar to show all information.

Adjusted the Legend container to display all information without needing for a scrollbar.

Prevent Overlapping text

FusionCharts version 3.19 improves the Multiple Series chart readability by avoiding overlapping of data plots with the same or similar values. This improvement allows users to view data more clearly.

Data plots overlap when using the same or similar values.

Data plots do not overlap, making the chart more readable.

Treemap chart renders properly

When using 'Treemap' charts, at any point where the node's value was zero, the recursion was breaking, and nodes were not displaying. FusionCharts version 3.19 fixed the issue by allowing all numbers in the node's value, including zeros.

Chart rendered incorrectly

Chart renders correctly

Sankey Charts render correctly

Sankey charts with significant differences in values render correctly. Previously, when Sankey charts had a considerable value difference, the link between values and the tooltip did not render correctly.

Before the fix, the chart did not render correctly.

Sankey charts render successfully even when there is a significant difference between values.