Version 3.17.x

Version 3.17.0

29th April, 2021

New Features

  • FusionCharts Version 3.17.0 implements smart labels for Multi-level pie charts, these labels automatically adjust the data labels inside the plot, making data more readable.
  • FusionCharts Version 3.17.0 introduces the Radial Bar, a new chart type that belongs to the FusionWidgets XT. The Radial Bar allows users to compare categories using a circular shape bar chart.
  • FusionCharts Version 3.17.0 introduces accessibility support making the library 2.1 compliant.


  • The Heat map chart now allows users to apply specific font properties to each quadrant label in the individual heat map cells.
  • To improve visualization and interaction on charts, version 3.17 now allows users the ability to configure the tooltip position.
  • Starting 3.17.0 FusionCharts allows users to configure plot border cosmetics at data plot (single-series charts) and data-series level (multi-series level).
  • Exporting a Heatmap chart to a CSV or XLS file now exports all the Heatmap chart data correctly. Previously the files were exported with incomplete data.
  • Starting 3.17.0, the Box and Whisker chart when exported to a CSV or XLSX file exports data correctly. Previously the CSV or XLSX export was returning incorrect data.


  • Starting 3.17.0, trend lines and trend zones render properly. Previously, plotting trend line and trend zone worked incorrectly if the endValue is set to 0.
  • The Horizontal LED chart now displays the lowerLimit value as expected. Previously, when the lowerLimit value was set to a non-zero value, the Horizontal LED chart rendered 0 as the lower limit.
  • Starting 3.17.0, the valueAlpha attribute now is working as expected. Previously, the valueAlpha attribute was not working properly for trend lines and trend zones.
  • Using the getSVGString method now generates a proper SVG string to successfully export a Chord Diagram to an SVG. Previously, the getSVGString method generated an incorrect SVG string resulting in an error.
  • Updating chart data via the setJSONURL method updates all chart properties as expected. Previously, when using the setJSONURL method the chart properties were not updated correctly.
  • For mobile devices, the page scrolling behavior now works properly.
  • Starting version 3.17.0 the Bullet Graph now displays tooltips for both value and target value as expected. Previously, the tooltip was not shown for the target value.