Version 3.18.x

Version 3.18.0

21st September, 2021

New Features

  • FusionCharts Version 3.18.0 introduces a new accessibility theme.


  • Starting version 3.18.0 FusionCharts supports both .XLS and .XLSX chart export file formats.
  • FusionCharts Version 3.18.0 updated the vue-fusioncharts component to render charts with Vue 3 applications.
  • Starting version 3.18.0 FusionCharts improved performance and is now able to handle component update operation on charts with multiple events bound to it. Previously, component update operations on charts with multiple events resulted in a JS error ("TypeError - Cannot read property 'paper' of undefined").
  • Use inline HTML to customize data labels across all Bar charts. Previously inline HTML elements were not rendering correctly for Bar charts.
  • Starting version 3.18.0, angular-fusioncharts component now renders charts as expected with NGCC and IVY enabled. Previously, charts did not render when NGCC and IVY are enabled.
  • Exporting chart data via Excel or CSV allows users to control the number of decimal points displayed both on the chart as well as in the exported file.
  • Using the labelSepChar attribute to customize data labels for Funnel and Pyramid charts is now working correctly. Previously, the data labels render incomplete information.
  • For the Spline chart clicking on the legend icon now allows the data series to be toggled on and off from the chart. Previously, toggling with the icon legends resulted in a JS error.
  • For all charts, using the attribute value inherit for legend icon color and opacity is now working correctly. Previously, the attribute value inherit did not work correctly for legend icons.


  • For mobile devices, the legend chart area scrolling behavior now works properly.
  • Updating the Heat Map chart using the setJSONData method now updates all chart properties correctly. Previously, using the method did not update properties and chart components did not work correctly.
  • Starting version 3.18.0 all charts now resize correctly when the container dimension is updated, previously, in version 3.17.0 this operation was not working correctly for few chart types.
  • For Cartesian charts, the attributes transposeAxis and transposeAnimation attributes are working as expected when legend items are clicked/toggled. Previously, the attributes did not respond as expected.
  • Starting version 3.18.0 the Radar chart renders correctly when only one data point is provided, previously this operation resulted in a JS error.