Specification sheets

JavaScript Alias: maps/specialregionofaceh

Map Name: Special Region of Aceh Dimensions (Width x Height): 270x410

List of Entities

ID Short label Label
ID.AC.BA BA Banda Aceh City
ID.AC.LA LA Langsa City
ID.AC.LH LH Lhokseumawe City
ID.AC.SA SA Sabang City
ID.AC.SU SU Subulussalam City
ID.AC.AB AB Aceh Besar Regency
ID.AC.AJ AJ Aceh Jaya Regency
ID.AC.AL AL Aceh Singkil Regency (including the Banyak Islands)
ID.AC.AT AT Aceh Tamiang Regency
ID.AC.BM BM Bener Meriah Regency
ID.AC.BI BI Bireuen Regency
ID.AC.CA CA Central Aceh Regency (Aceh Tengah)
ID.AC.EA EA East Aceh Regency (Aceh Timur)
ID.AC.GL GL Gayo Lues Regency
ID.AC.NR NR Nagan Raya Regency
ID.AC.NA NA North Aceh Regency (Aceh Utara)
ID.AC.PD PD Pidie Regency
ID.AC.PJ PJ Pidie Jaya Regency
ID.AC.SI SI Simeulue Regency
ID.AC.SE SE Southeast Aceh Regency (Aceh Tenggara)
ID.AC.AS AS South Aceh Regency (Aceh Selatan)
ID.AC.SW SW Southwest Aceh Regency (Aceh Barat Daya)
ID.AC.WA WA West Aceh Regency (Aceh Barat)