Specification sheets

JavaScript Alias: maps/houet

Map Name: Houet Dimensions (Width x Height): 600x460

List of Entities

ID Short label Label
BF.HB.HO.FO FO Fô Department
BF.HB.HO.BM BM Bama Department
BF.HB.HO.PA PA Padéma Department
BF.HB.HO.SA SA Satiri Department
BF.HB.HO.BD BD Bobo-Dioulasso Department
BF.HB.HO.LE LE Léna Department
BF.HB.HO.KV KV Karankasso-Vigué Department
BF.HB.HO.PE PE Péni Department
BF.HB.HO.TO TO Toussiana Department