Specification sheets

JavaScript Alias: maps/namur

Map Name: Namur Dimensions (Width x Height): 460x550

List of Entities

ID Short label Label
BE.NA.AD be.na.ad AD Andenne
BE.NA.AN be.na.an AN Anhée
BE.NA.AS be.na.as AS Assesse
BE.NA.BE be.na.be BE Beauraing
BE.NA.BI be.na.bi BI Bièvre
BE.NA.CE be.na.ce CE Cerfontaine
BE.NA.CI be.na.ci CI Ciney
BE.NA.CO be.na.co CO Couvin
BE.NA.DN be.na.dn DN Dinant
BE.NA.DO be.na.do DO Doische
BE.NA.FE be.na.fe FE Fernelmont
BE.NA.FL be.na.fl FL Floreffe
BE.NA.FN be.na.fn FN Florennes
BE.NA.FS be.na.fs FS Fosses-la-Ville
BE.NA.GE be.na.ge GE Gedinne
BE.NA.GM be.na.gm GM Gembloux
BE.NA.GV be.na.gv GV Gesves
BE.NA.HA be.na.ha HA Hamois
BE.NA.HS be.na.hs HS Hastière
BE.NA.HV be.na.hv HV Havelange
BE.NA.HO be.na.ho HO Houyet
BE.NA.JS be.na.js JS Jemeppe-sur-Sambre
BE.NA.LB be.na.lb LB La Bruyère
BE.NA.ME be.na.me ME Mettet
BE.NA.NM be.na.nm NM Namur
BE.NA.OH be.na.oh OH Ohey
BE.NA.ON be.na.on ON Onhaye
BE.NA.PV be.na.pv PV Philippeville
BE.NA.PR be.na.pr PR Profondeville
BE.NA.RO be.na.ro RO Rochefort
BE.NA.SA be.na.sa SA Sambreville
BE.NA.SO be.na.so SO Sombreffe
BE.NA.SL be.na.sl SL Somme-Leuze
BE.NA.VI be.na.vi VI Viroinval
BE.NA.VS be.na.vs VS Vresse-sur-Semois
BE.NA.WA be.na.wa WA Walcourt
BE.NA.YV be.na.yv YV Yvoir
BE.NA.EG be.na.eg EG Éghezée