Specification sheets

JavaScript Alias: maps/punakha

Map Name: Punakha Dimensions (Width x Height): 440x590

List of Entities

ID Short label Label
BT.PN.BP BP Barp Gewog
BT.PN.CH CH Chhubu Gewog
BT.PN.DZ DZ Dzomo Gewog
BT.PN.GS GS Goenshari Gewog
BT.PN.GU GU Guma Gewog
BT.PN.KA KA Kabjisa Gewog
BT.PN.LI LI Lingmukha Gewog
BT.PN.SH SH Shenga Bjime Gewog
BT.PN.TA TA Talo Gewog
BT.PN.TP TP Toepisa Gewog
BT.PN.TO TO Toewang Gewog