Stock Charts

A candlestick chart is used for analysis of equity and commodity prices.It allows showing the opening price, closing price, highest trading price, lowest trading price, and the trade volume on a single chart. The chart is visualized as a combination of the line and bar charts. The lines extending from the top and bottom of the bar data plots are called the wicks. Hence the name, candlestick chart.The price chart is rendered in the first half of the chart while the volume chart is rendered in the second half. This chart can be used to study the daily stock figures collected over a period of time.

The Kagi chart is a chart used for tracking price movements and to make decisions on purchasing stock. It differs from traditional stock charts such as the Candlestick chart by being mostly independent of time. This feature aids in producing a chart that reduces random noise.Due to its effectiveness in showing a clear path of price movements, the Kagi chart is one of the various charts that investors use to make better decisions about stocks. The most important benefit of this chart is that it is independent of time and change of direction occurs only when a specific amount is reached.