Sales Performance Dashboard

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View sales performance on the go with our Mobile Sales Dashboard, using simple column charts for easy understanding and analysis. Quickly scan important numbers from the dashboard ‘Summary’, showcasing the #1 product, executive, city, and country. Capture all the data you need, and take it with you with our mobile-friendly interface.

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  • One dashboard, comprehensive data, and easy access - now view inventory, CSAT scores, region-wise performance and more from a single interface
  • Select the two columns you want to view/compare and the dashboard will automatically display YoY improvement or depreciation
  • Analyze how a product is performing in terms of revenue generated and total units sold
  • Map your investments in inventory and workforces to real-world outcomes, and improve decision-making

Technologies used:

  • HTML
  • jQuery

Products from FusionCharts Suite used:

  • FusionCharts XT

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