Sales & Collaboration Dashboard

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Simplify business collaboration with our Sales & Collaboration Dashboard, bringing the ease and engagement of social media into workplace conversations. Comment on performance right from the dashboard and remain updated with built-in notifications. The days of complicated spreadsheets and carefully worded emails are finally over.


  • This dashboard was made using PHP and simple JavaScript
  • No more mail trails, bulk attachments, zip files, or shouting across the work-floor. Drop a comment and get alerts when your colleague responds
  • Share a quick snapshot with ‘click-to-copy chart’ and ensure complete visibility
  • Understand the big picture with the dual-Y axis, mapping units sold and revenue generated concurrently
  • Simplify audits with complete records of who said what, when, and with reference to which metrics

Technologies used:

  • PHP
  • JavaScript

Products from FusionCharts Suite used:

  • FusionCharts XT

Need consulting or development of custom dashboards?

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