Google Analytics Dashboard

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Want an integrated dashboard that you can use to track all the major performance-related stats for your website at a glance? Give our Google Analytics Dashboard a shot! From visitor demographics to traffic count for the particular duration, the dashboard puts stats that matter, right at your fingertips.


  • Keep track of visitor count within particular intervals of time.
  • Stay informed about visitor demographics (visitor type, gender, age group, traffic source, and location).
  • Find out success rate of search engine optimization by tracking major factors influenced by SEO (page views, average session duration, and bounce rate).
  • Discover major traffic sources (Organic search, direct traffic, referral, etc.) at a glance.

Technologies used:

  • Bootstrap
  • FusionCharts jQuery plugin

Products from FusionCharts Suite used:

  • FusionCharts
  • FusionMaps

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