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A simple dashboard with one, single purpose – keep you updated on your favorite teams’ performance. Our Football League Dashboard maps the world’s most favorite football/soccer teams, offering a consolidated view of points accrued and historic view of past triumphs and losses. Know how your team is doing and is poised to do in future, back your predictions with real data, and embed into larger sports entertainment apps to unlock revenue opportunities.


  • Cater to a wide demographic with a single dashboard, mapping performance for top football leagues around the world.
  • Compress a large amount of data using micro-charts that show win-loss trends for each team.
  • View total points accrued by each team to know where they stand, and complement this data with past wins & losses to predict future outcomes accurately.
  • Developers could substitute the data with baseball leagues, cricket, and other popular sports tournaments globally, easily configuring the dashboard to meet your unique requirements.
  • This dashboard uses FusionCharts XT elements, built on HTML and JS frameworks.

Technologies used:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript

Products from FusionCharts Suite used:

  • FusionCharts XT

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