Accessibility Extension for FusionCharts Beta

Make your charts screen-reader friendly with keyboard navigation

At FusionCharts, we believe that the internet content should be accessible to everyone. With that intent, we've built this extension that adheres to the standards set by the US Government (under Section 508) and the guidelines of W3C community (WCAG 2.0). We are committed to make all our existing and new products equally usable by all.

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Salient Features

  • Intuitive keyboard navigation of chart elements

    While navigating with the keyboard, our chart elements come to focus in a logical order.

    • Use the TAB key to shift focus from the chart area, to the first data point, to the first legend item (if legend exists).
    • Use the UP/DOWN arrows keys to navigate the data points of the same series.
    • Use the RIGHT/LEFT arrow keys to navigate to data points of adjacent series.
  • Screen reader friendly text for focusable chart elements

    When a chart element comes to focus, the text description of the element is available as a screen reader friendly text. The text either could be inside an accessible SVG tag or some relevant WAI-ARIA attribute.

  • Customizable text description of focusable chart elements

    The text description of each focusable chart element can be both localized and customized. Certain chart parameters are available for use in such text. Each such text is mapped to SVG tag or WAI-ARIA attribute of specific chart element.

  • Keyboard support for chart interactions, like drill down, legend interactions, etc

    When the focus is on a legend item, the user can press the SPACE BAR key to hide or unhide the series corresponding to the legend item.

    When the focus is on a clickable plot, the user can press the ENTER key to drill into it. When in the drilled down chart, the user can focus on the BACK button, press the ENTER key, and come back to the main chart.

    Note: For Jaws2019 + Microsoft Edge environment, the plot and legend click we will have to use shift + spacebar / shift + Enter / ctrl + spacebar / ctrl + Enter


OS Software Chrome Firefox Safari Edge Internet Explorer
Windows Narator
Windows NVDA
Windows JAWS
Mac OS X VoiceOver
  • Supported
  • Not Suported
  • Not Applicable

Coming Soon

Accessible themes

Be it adhering to the WCAG color contrasts, or having print friendly themes, we will do it all!

Export using keyboard

Our chart menu item has the export options. These options will be accessible by the keyboard soon!


Accessible canvas rendered charts

Canvas rendered charts do not have accessible attributes and tags like SVG elements. Our canvas rendered charts, like zoom scatter chart, may not adhere to the global accessibility standards.