Easy to Use

15 minutes to your first chart.

With smart defaults, getting started guides and an intuitive API, you can create your first chart in 15 minutes. Guaranteed. And then spend half an hour showing it off to colleagues.

15 minutes to your chart.

Built-in reporting capabilities save you weeks of development time.

FusionCharts Suite XT comes with advanced reporting capabilities including unlimited levels of drill-down, multiple chart export options, interactive legends, tooltips, data highlighting and zoom built right in so you can implement them in hours, instead of spending weeks building them.

Easy Drilldown
Easy Export Chart

The same unified experience across all devices and browsers. Even IE 6.

With both SVG and VML rendering modes supported, FusionCharts Suite XT can take you places where the cool kids can’t — IE 6, 7 and 8. The same crispness, the same fluid beauty we are known for everywhere without having to write a line of extra code.

The same unified experience across all devices and browsers.

Choose a data format that suits you — JSON or XML.

FusionCharts Suite XT supports both JSON and XML data formats. So when you are integrating the charts with other JavaScript frameworks, JSON is an ideal choice. And when you are working with server-side business applications, XML it is.

XML Data

jQuery plugin available

Using the FusionCharts' jQuery charts plugin, you can use the jQuery syntax to build the charts. Add a chart anywhere within a web page, change the chart type, update and retrieve chart data, update functional and cosmetic settings and much more.

jQuery plugin

Super-smart defaults and highly customizable. The best of both worlds.

If you have used any other charting library, you would know the time and effort it takes to put labels in their place, figure out the number of divisional lines to have on the y-axis or even something as simple as how to round off the numbers. Not with FusionCharts Suite XT. It does all of that for you, and more. Automagically.

And if you want to have things your way, you still have complete control. Anything that should be customizable is. The distribution of colors in the gradient, the space between the chart and the caption, the formatting of numbers on the chart, all of it.

Super-smart defaults and highly customizable

State-of-the-art API documentation to help you at every step of your implementation cycle.

FusionCharts Suite XT comes with exhaustive documentation consisting of detailed explanations for each method and event. With the variety of code samples, intuitive navigation, and advanced search functionality, it’s a developer’s delight.

  • Getting Started Guides Getting Started Guides
  • API Reference API Reference
  • Integration Examples Integration Examples

Best practices, usability guides, chart primers and a lot more.

Creating charts is one thing, offering the best data visualization experience to your users is another. Learn charting best practices, practical usability tips, principles of chart selection and the usage of advanced chart types to deliver a delightful data visualization experience to your users.

  • Best Practices Best Practices
  • Usability Guides Usability Guides
  • Chart Primers Chart Primers

Get personalized tech support — no need to scout third-party forums

With the Priority Support & Upgrades Subscription, you get personalized tech support for all your queries within 24 working hours. Don't waste valuable engineering time finding answers on community forums.

Priority Support

Commercially open source

Free for personal use.

Got a pet project that could do with some data visualization love? We've got good news for you. FusionCharts Suite XT is free for use in your non-commercial projects.