Rich reporting capabilities


Create drill-down in a snap with LinkedCharts.

With LinkedCharts, you can create unlimited levels of drill-down in minutes using a single data source. Drill-down from yearly data to quarterly, monthly to daily or categories to individual items.

Export your charts your way.

With the variety of teams collaborating around dashboards in today's enterprise, you need the most flexible JavaScript chart export options that allow users to save data, and share it with colleagues. FusionCharts Suite XT allows export in JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG, and facilitates collaboration.

Export Charts Options

Interactive legend helps users focus on data that matters.

In charts plotting multiple series of data, users often want to move their focus to a particular series of data after the initial analysis. With an interactive legend, they can turn off the other series and focus on the series they are interested in with just a click.

Charts Plotting
Interactive legend

Intelligent label management keeps things tidy at all times.

Got long data labels that often overlap on the chart? Intelligent label management offers 4 modes to keep things tidy — wrapped, rotated, slanted and staggered. You can pick any of those modes for your chart or just let the chart pick the best mode for you.

Intelligent label management

Add details to data sets using tooltip macros.

The tooltip feature lets you add details like why the sales in a particular month dropped of picked up. However, if you want to show dynamic tooltips across many dashboards, use the tooltip macros feature. It allows you to semi-programmatically power tooltips so your charts have all the info yet are not cluttered. This gives your users an engaging experience, and saves you precious hours of development time.

Macros let you customize at scale

Provide context to data with trendlines.

Providing a context to data helps users make more informed decisions. Show the target set on a sales chart, cut-off for test scores and more with trendlines.

Data with trendlines

Plot huge quantities of data.

Displaying stock quote comparison for a decade? Use the zoom chart to start with a neatly-compressed macroscopic view. The user can then easily zoom into any subset of data he wants a microscopic view of.

Plot huge quantities of data

Easy classification of data with color ranges.

Plotting complex data like performance comparison of companies on a heat map chart? Use a color range with red, yellow and green to quickly classify the data into good, average and bad.

Data with color ranges.

Highlight data sets using different colors and border.

Bring a data point to everyone's notice by giving it a different color from the other sets, giving it a dashed border or having a label on top of it.

Highlight data

Unify look & feel with the Theme Manager.

Whether you prefer a flat look-and-feel, or need to apply a consistent brand experience across your dashboards, the Theme Manager lets you apply a single theme across all your dashboards. It even works on mobile devices, so you get the same experience no matter where you view your dashboards from.

Unify look & feel with the Theme Manager

Javascript events for complete control over the charting experience.

FusionCharts Suite XT's 100+ events give you complete control over various interactive aspects of the charts. They also enable you to create unified interfaces with any UI toolkit, and have deep integration with other JavaScript libraries. Watch your developers grin as they play around with these events.

Annotations put the canvas back in 'chart canvas'

Apart from the default markers, call-outs, and highlighters, you can now draw custom shapes to highlight data using FusionCharts Suite XT's annotations feature. This is just another way of saying, we love it when you make your charts your own.

Annotations put the canvas back in chart canvas