Data Stories with FusionCharts

The amount of data generated today is growing exponentially. It takes incredible amount of time and effort even for a seasoned data practitioner to understand it. Narratives can be used to encapsulate the data and make it memorable for average users. The family of FusionCharts products can be used to effectively communicate such narratives with the underlying data to tell compelling stories. The goal of data storytelling is to encourage critical thinking. Data stories explain and explore how data changes using a series of linked visualizations. Analyzed data and narratives can be presented using our interactive linked visualizations to engage people better and help them delve deeper into their data.

Our approach

At FusionCharts, though we are no experts in data-driven journalism, we do know how to communicate data using visualizations for better understanding; we have been doing it for the past 16 years and have served over 28,000 customers across 118 countries.

People across the globe have been doing great work on data stories. We tip our hats to their amazing work which continually inspires us!

Our goal was to showcase the power of FusionCharts and how easily the FusionCharts Suite can be used to create such data stories. In this light, we observed good data stories on the web, and tried to replicate them with our family of products. The stories showcased are by no means exhaustive but they will give you a good sense of FusionCharts library’s capabilities. Beyond the simple world of interactive JavaScript charting, it can be used to tell enticing data driven stories! Be the master of your data and narrative and use our library to present engaging data stories!

Want us to build a Data Story for you?

We can plug in your data into our existing data stories, or customize the template for your needs, or even build a completely new one. We would love to talk to you!