jQuery Plugin for FusionCharts

Easy to use jQuery plugin for adding interactive charts and graphs to your website

From Bootstrap to jQuery UI, we’ve got your back covered with our jQuery plugin. Use this plugin along with our core library and access all the features like events, macros, zooming, panning and so on without making your code look ugly.

Available on:
A Simple Chart
Quick demo


  • Works seamlessly across PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.
  • Easy to update chart type, data, and individual cosmetic properties at run-time.
  • Insert, prepend, and append multiple charts in an existing chart container.
  • This jQuery helper for FusionCharts can be used to render charts from data contained in HTML tables.


jQuery Integration is open-source and distributed under the terms of the MIT/X11 License. You will still need to download and include FusionCharts in your page. This project provides no direct functionality. You can Download an evaluation. You will still need to purchase a FusionCharts license to use in a commercial environment (FusionCharts is free for non-commercial and personal use) .