Vue Component for FusionCharts

An easy-to-use, lightweight VueJS component for the FusionCharts JavaScript Charting Library

The Vue-FusionCharts component lets you easily include FusionCharts in your VueJS projects and add interactive charts to your VueJS applications.

Available on:
A Simple Chart
Quick demo


  • Add a chart using just one single component.
  • Keep all your chart elements in sync with native support for Data Binding.
  • Insert charts from a JSON URL, a XML URL, or using Props Array Binding.
  • Enable interactivity between Javascript charts.
  • Enjoy advanced control with full access to the FusionCharts object containing the complete chart configuration.


The FusionCharts Vue component is open-source and distributed under the terms of the MIT/X11 License. However, you will need to download and include FusionCharts library in your page separately, which has a separate license.