Specification Sheet

JavaScript Alias: maps/prague

Map Name: Prague Dimensions (Width x Height): 700x550

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List of Entities

ID Short label Label
CZ.PM.PH1 PH1 Praha1
CZ.PM.PH10 PH10 Praha10
CZ.PM.PH11 PH11 Praha11
CZ.PM.PH12 PH12 Praha12
CZ.PM.PH13 PH13 Praha13
CZ.PM.PH14 PH14 Praha14
CZ.PM.PH15 PH15 Praha15
CZ.PM.PH16 PH16 Praha16
CZ.PM.PH17 PH17 Praha17
CZ.PM.PH18 PH18 Praha18
CZ.PM.PH19 PH19 Praha19
CZ.PM.PH2 PH2 Praha2
CZ.PM.PH20 PH20 Praha20
CZ.PM.PH21 PH21 Praha21
CZ.PM.PH22 PH22 Praha22
CZ.PM.PH3 PH3 Praha3
CZ.PM.PH4 PH4 Praha4
CZ.PM.PH5 PH5 Praha5
CZ.PM.PH6 PH6 Praha6
CZ.PM.PH7 PH7 Praha7
CZ.PM.PH8 PH8 Praha8
CZ.PM.PH9 PH9 Praha9
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