Specification Sheet

JavaScript Alias: maps/taitungcounty

Map Name: Taitung County Dimensions (Width x Height): 610x570

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List of Entities

ID Short label Label
TW.TT.TT TT Taitung City
TW.TT.CG CG Chenggong Township
TW.TT.GS GS Guanshan Township
TW.TT.BN BN Beinan Township
TW.TT.CB CB Changbin Township
TW.TT.CS CS Chishang Township
TW.TT.DW DW Dawu Township
TW.TT.DH DH Donghe Township
TW.TT.LY LY Luye Township
TW.TT.LU LU Lüdao Township
TW.TT.TM TM Taimali Township
TW.TT.DR DR Daren Township
TW.TT.HD HD Haiduan Township
TW.TT.JF JF Jinfeng Township
TW.TT.LA LA Lanyu Township
TW.TT.YP YP Yanping Township
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